Kinetic Poetics is a volunteer organization ran by and for UCSC students.

Our mission is fostering and sustaining the growth of spoken word community rooted on the University of California, Santa Cruz campus. This happens through organizing regular slam poetry events on campus including but not limited to poetry slams and poetry workshops, an annual campus spoken word festival, and a poetry collective that engages the campus community and beyond.

The KINETIC POETICS PROJECT is an annual festival of poetry and spoken word at UCSC's Porter College Theater. Each night, the Kinetic Poetics Project provides a space for local and student poets to showcase their work for the community and highlights an established poet. As a supplement to the featured poets' performances, the Kinetic Poetics Project has arranged free poetry and writing workshops facilitated by the poets themselves.

If you are interested in participating in the festival or Slam planning process, please contact kineticpoetics[at]gmail[dot]com. Meetings are held midday on Sundays at the Firefly Café. Please e-mail us for specific information.

Kinetic Poetics would not be possible without strong support from its community, alumni, and collaborating campus organizations. Just because somebody's name is not listed in the Kinetic Poetics Senate does not mean they haven't provided critical advice on the current festival. This list includes but is not limited to Don Williams (faculty sponsor), Natalie Bulkley-Ashodian, Christine Hatch, Evan Rosen, Jeremy Karafin, and Dagny Brown.

Contact Info



Festival Producer: Jack Rusk, 925.209.5031,  jrusk[at]ucsc[dot]edu

Promotions: Bryan Gigantino, 925.899.1974, bgiganti[at]ucsc[dot]edu

Assistant Producer: Lisa Straehley, 951.316.6402, aqualu[at]sbcglobal[dot]net

Kinetic Poetics Founder
Jeremy Karafin 831-449-2940

Funding for the 2009 Kinetic Poetics Project is supported by UCSC Porter College Senate, Cowell Senate, Kresge Senate, Crown Senate, Core Council, The SUA, and the Porter College Hitchcock Poetry Fund. Big ups to the vegan revolution.