SpillJoy Ensemble - Feb 1st

Comprised of four of the youngest and hottest molotov cocktails exploding against the walls of reality. Utterly life-affirming. Absolutely unforgettable. Including, composed of, and not limited to Danny Sherrard (2007 National Indi champ), Shira Erlichman (1983 Professional Kitten Wrestler), Jon Sands (2007 NY LouderArts team), and Ken Arkind (2006 National Champ with team Denver). At least one of them will make you reassess your being - I promise. (SpillJoy Myspace)

Buddy Wakefield - Feb 2nd

Hailing from the streets of Seattle, Buddy Wakefield is a 2004 World Champion, 2005 National Champion, fresh off of a tour with Ani DiFranco. This man, born to a guitar repair woman and prone to playing marbles in trees, is known or delivering raw, rounded, high vibration performances of humor and heart. He spends his time touring the country and living for a living. (Personal Website)

Verbobala - Feb 3th

Verbobala is live video and verbs. Verbobala is bilingual, born of two countries in conflict. Verbobala is high caliber poetry, reinvented according to the setting. Verbobala is cut-up image and sound, recorded from daily life and played at high volume. Verbobala is modular, merging elements of a ritual, party, and installation in one. Verbobala is performance art that causes a scene.

Verbobala Spoken Video es un proyecto artistico de colaboracion binacional basado en Tucson, Arizona y Cuernavaca, Mexico. Los miembros principales del grupo son los videoastas Moises Regla y Adam Cooper-Teran con el poeta fronterizo Logan Phillips. Entre sus colaboradores estan los artistas sonoros Richard Minardi en Vancouver, Juan Pablo Arceo en la Ciudad de Mexico y la compania de danza pirotecnica Flam Chen en Tucson. (Verbobala.com)

Salt Lines - Feb 4th

Salt Lines is the four powerhouses ANDREA GIBSON (Women of the World Poetry Slam Champion), DENISE JOLLY (Seattle Poetry Slam), SONYA RENEE (Individual National Poetry Slam Champion), and TARA HARDY (Bent Writing Institute). These women represent some of the strongest and most respected talent coming out of the international Poetry Slam circuit.This verbal quartet will storm, sing, slam, and sling salt into the eye of all that has ever silenced voices meant to be heard. Their celebration is one of being basic to the earth as salt. Necessary, life allowing, wound stinging, and let's face it, tasty. A salt line is a ring left on a hat or heart or sleeve inspired by exertion or labor. So, don't be surprised if they inspire you to work up your own sweat, because these four elemental poets will work stages into assembly lines of release, revolt, and redemption. These women do not provide a clean slate they do however provide a dirty one worn proudly. (Salt Lines Myspace)